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Возрастное ограничение: 18+
Выход в свет: 2018
Объём: 106 стр.
eISBN: 9785000994658

Ultimate Growth Hacker PR: Tools and Ideas

Роман Масленников
The PR and marketing rules have changed. Too much news, too much information. But you must be heard! Your business has to grow. How will mass media, people, stakeholders and your clients know about you? Try Growth Hacker PR (“Explosive PR”): know how to get maximum free publications about your company within minimum time due to outrageous positive PR-stunts. Growth Hacker PR (“Explosive PR”) will provide you tools to get clients from mass media using a news hook: - 210 ways to come up with a creative idea for an explosive PR event - 130 PR-hooks of all times and nations - 10 ways to “seed” crazy and shocking ideas as true stories in mass media - 9 case studies of real PR-campaigns - 8 ways of saving and protecting the brand during an explosive PR event - 7 dirty tricks of explosive PR - 6 Advice on creativity tune-up - 5 The Most Inspiring Books - 4 TOP-ideas to spin different companies and organizations - 3 PR Ideas for spinning business at all seasons - 2 “Magic words” to be a news’ star - 1 explosive PR Formula: PAV+AH Knowing how to have 50 or more free features about your company released within 1-2-3 days. This funny and friendly book looks at real business PR stunts that will blow your mind and inspire you to develop creative ways to have your company noticed all over the city, country and world. Russian PR guru with 15-year experience, entrepreneur and philosopher Roman Maslennikov gives you the latest, newest, outrageous and crazy PR stunts, explaining why some work and others don’t. This is a funny, insightful guide to winning the PR game, marketing, business and political wars. Use proven techniques that maximize media exposure for your personal brand and business. Highly recommendable for anyone who needs to communicate with modern mass-media. Do your sensational publicity like Salvador Dali, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Richard Branson and enjoy good news simultaneously and immediately.
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Роман Масленников

Генеральный директор PR-агентства «ПРОСТОР Пиар и Консалтинг». Эксперт по взрывному пиару. Советник по личному пиару. Кандидат философских наук. Автор книг по PR и раскрутке фирм и персон: «Раскрутка Суперфирмы. От Довганя Читать далее